The eighth exploration

From the lessons we learned from the failure in the last exploration, this time, we have made a detailed instruction manual for assembling the detector case, an attitude sensor, two flashlights, a video camera and a GoPro into the detector cage using three-dimensional computer graphics (Photo 1 and Fig. 1).

To avoid any mistakes in assembling which might be caused by pitching and rolling of boat, we did the assembling job on the quay before we got on the boat. Actually we had carried out practice in assembling twice in our office using the new instruction manual.

As usual we went out with Captain Ishii and his CHOEIMARU. Although The weather was fine, it was freezing cold. Because of nearly perfect preparation the measurement went fine. The measured points are shown in Fig. 2. The attitude sensor turned out to be quite helpful to know the orientation of the detector cage at the bottom of sea.

Photo 1

Fig. 1

Fig. 2